College Football News: Colt not a system QB

From CFN’s mailbag feature by Pete Fiutak:

How many skill position players from BCS Conferences would put “Heisman type” numbers against Hawaii’s schedule?  20? 50?  Seriously, I’m not speaking hypothetically, I think this is a valuable question.  You’re telling me Terry Grant of Alabama couldn’t run for 200 yards a game and put up “Heisman quality” numbers against that schedule?  I think so.  What about Jonathan Stewart or Dennis Dixon of Oregon?  Justin Forsett at Cal?  Darren McFadden?  He’d have 2500 yards rushing.  They’d all put up ridiculous numbers against that schedule.  I’m not saying Brennan isn’t a great player.  I really have no idea.  My point is that all there is to go on are great numbers against weak opponents.  How can a player in that scenario even be considered for the Heisman? – BD

A: Outside of a few exceptions, didn’t the guys you mentioned already have a shot to put up big numbers so far against weak opponents? Brennan is an NFL-caliber quarterback, and not Timmy Chang running a system. I asked Brennan the same thing, wondering what USC would do with the Hawaii offense, and he pointed out a few different factors that make Hawaii different. First of all, the facilities are a joke compared to the top notch programs. This is a program just trying to make ends meet. Second, it gets the under-the-radar talents. The troubled guys, the ones looked over by the Pac 10, and the guys from the area. That tends to form a bond that gives these guys huge chips on their shoulders that goes beyond mere talent. Third, the offense really is that good. Take a look at what it did to Oregon State, Purdue and Arizona State last year. Remember, we’re talking about a guy who might be the greatest statistical quarterbacking monster of all-time, and he’s doing it while sitting out large chunks of blowout games.