Safety Tips to Ensure You Have a Great Time at EDM Festivals

If we said EDM festivals are fun, we’d be accused of the biggest understatement of the year. The concerts are indeed more than fun, but without safety considerations, the experience may easily turn out to be your worst nightmare. We’ve been there, seen, and lived to tell both sides of the story, so take the following tips seriously to avoid potential setbacks.

The best you can do for yourself is to rage with safety on your mind. Of course you have the right to get carried away and neither are we your parents but we do care for our readers, especially those who orbit around EDM circles all year round. Respect other revelers just as you would respect yourself too. Play safe, stay within your limits if you know what I mean, and have all the fun you want but with caution.
For God’s sakes, leave your fuzzy boots at home. This is no longer the time or age when fuzzy boots were all the rage. Most EDM festivals happen during summer or other relatively warm months so think of some loose clothing and light fancy footwear such as the trendy LED light up shoes that are defining dancing gear nowadays. Needless to say, high heels and anything with the potential to cause a sprain is a no no.

Remember, you came all the way and even paid to have fun, not to watch the fun through your phone. Put that phone down and enjoy the music. It is okay to carry home some hard evidence of the great time you had (something to back your bragging rights and all), but it makes no sense to take 40 pictures of one DJ. It not only consumes your phone’s juice fast, but distracts you from the fun events taking place. You’ll find all those great moments in YouTube after all. So don’t be paparazzi and enjoy the festival.

Arrive early to give yourself ample time to check out some of the artists you probably have never even heard of. I believe you don’t plan to spend the entire weekend listening to one artist, favorite or not. Fortunately, the festival is always all-inclusive, which makes it easier to sample different music from different artists. Give yourself enough time to even stop at the dubstep tent. You may get a few laughs there.
Carry along some good earplugs. You’ll thank us for it when others are pulling away from the massive sound systems for fear of rupturing eardrums. Human ears are not designed to withstand the abuse we expose them to in EDM festivals. If you don’t believe me, just google Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Plan B’s campaign dubbed Action on Hearing Loss. If the music makers themselves are concerned about your ears, you should too. Wear earplugs without fear of looking odd. Most people will certainly be sporting some cute plugs too.

Respect other people’s space. Yeah, be considerate of others and let them have their share of the fun too. We all know how packed festival grounds can become, but that doesn’t give you a reason to flail your arms and torso around like some spoilt princess. I bet you’ve seen a lot of that in most festivals, hoping you were not the culprit. Remember to politely apologize, or at the very least just say “excuse me” when your open palm comes into contact with someone’s face a bit too hard in the heat of your revelry. Well, the festival is a place to let it loose, but not a place to lose your good manners.

If you feel squished and need a little bit of personal space, you can always ask security to help out. This is especially true when you are in the thick of things in the mosh pit and probably feel like grabbing some water. Security is there to help you out in such cases. Talk to them.

Remember to always stick to your crowd and avoid wandering too far off alone. One thing I’ve learned from a life of raving is that festivals can be quite unpredictable.