How can you help support Colt Brennan and the University of Hawaii football program? Below are several ways:


If you are in Hawaii, you can purchase season tickets to the University of Hawaii football games. For those living elsewhere, please stay tuned as a link will be provided to any internet video providers that carry UH games.


Show your support for Colt and the Warriors — buy UH apparel at the UH Bookstore — proceeds go to the University of Hawaii.


If you are a UH student, become a member of the Manoa Maniacs – UH Official Student Spirit Group.

If you belong to Facebook, join one of the many Colt for Heisman groups:

Colt Brennan For Heisman 2007

Colt Brennan Is the Best Quarterback in College Football



For as little as $25, become a member of Na Koa, which supports the University of Hawaii program by purchasing equipment, providing a training table, and funds for academic support.

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