Who are the top 5 teams that need a QB next year?

This is a feature the Colt Brennan Blog will do throughout the NFL season.

What team needs a QB like Colt Brennan?

The assumption this feature is operating under is that Colt will be a first round, or early 2nd round pick.

The teams that will probably need to draft a QB in next year’s draft:

1) Chicago Bears. Already a forgone conclusion, the question for the Bears probably won’t be if they draft a QB, but who that QB will be. Even if Griese performs well, don’t expect him to be anything but a stopgap to give the newly drafted QB more time to develop.

2) Atlanta Falcons. Vick. Vick. Vick. Falcons need a big draft pick to make people forget about their QB troubles.

3) Minnesota Vikings. Tavaris Jackson does not look like a franchise QB, and the Vikings have little depth at the position.

4) Tampa Bay Bucs. Coach Gruden loves to stockpile QBs. Garcia only has a few years left in the league, and he is backed up by three young QBs (L. McCown, Gradkowski, and Simms) – all of whom are unlikely to be the franchise QB. Expect one or two of them to be cut in the offseason, and the Bucs to pickup a QB in the first or second round.

5) Carolina Panthers. Jake Delhomme’s season-ending injury is a concern, as is his age, and David Carr likely isn’t the long-term solution.

Honorable Mentions: St. Louis Rams (Can Bulger recover from his injury?), New Orleans Saints (can Brees recover from his slump?), Baltimore Ravens (McNair is old, and the backups aren’t franchise QBs), Kansas City Chiefs (is Brodie Croyle the QB of the future?)

Disagree? Did a miss a team? Let me know in the comments section.